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The Eat Local Challenge is now free for participants, however we rely on generous donations from participants, organizations and businesses to put it on every year. We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities to keep the challenge going and ensure we can provide our favorite events to the general public at no cost.

Sponsorship opportunities include special event sponsors, printing and media sponsors, workshops curated to your particular product or business, in kind donations, etc. 

Our sponsor package can be viewed by clicking here. If you have any questions or interests please contact 


The Eat Local Challenge Is Free To Participate

Because we want to keep as many local dollars going to food businesses in the community, we no longer charge a fee to participate. This also means that the funds to run the events and the associated costs are no longer covered without sponsors and donations. To help offset the costs and ensure the ELC is as successful as it can be, consider making a donation! You can donate here.

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In Kind Donations

For the Eat Local Challenge, we have many ways that we reward participants for contributing to the local economy. We include prizes for events such as Farmers Market Bingo and Local Foods Trivia, giveaways and/or tastings at events such as Urban Farm Bike Tour from businesses and organizations that are aligned with our locavore values. 

FPAC is a 501(c)(3) and can provide a donation acknowledgment upon request. If you would like to provide product, gift cards, or services for an event or for the challenge please contact .

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